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We have six tertiary campuses across the South Island of New Zealand.

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Youth Service - helping young people get into education, training or work-based learning.

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We nurture and promote values such as respect, honesty and integrity.

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Small class sizes mean we see you as an individual not just a number.

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The outdoors & adventure is incorporated into all of our training programmes.

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You'll get qualifications, practical skills and confidence to pursue your chosen career.

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Our tutors are passionate about their subject, love to teach and really know their stuff.

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Values and Culture 

At ComCol, we believe in creating an adult
learning environment with workplace
expectations and common sense values.

Our values of Respect, Integrity and Responsibility provide
clear guidelines as a framework for our operations with the
expectation that they will be modelled, explored and encouraged
within the organisation.

Our culture is based around positive and caring relationships,
with pastoral support a key part of each college.  

Some learners come to Community College with low achievement
levels, in terms of qualifications, literacy, and personal expectations. 

Individual pathways
 and career plans, embedded literacy and 
kinestetic learning are some of the key elements to our approach
to ensure learner success.

Celebrating learner achievement is central to our culture.