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FREE practical courses for 16-19 year olds. Gain qualifications in a range of exciting industries!

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We have six tertiary campuses across the South Island of New Zealand.

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Youth Service - helping young people get into education, training or work-based learning.

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We nurture and promote values such as respect, honesty and integrity.

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Small class sizes mean we see you as an individual not just a number.

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The outdoors & adventure is incorporated into all of our training programmes.

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You'll get qualifications, practical skills and confidence to pursue your chosen career.

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Our tutors are passionate about their subject, love to teach and really know their stuff.

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Youth Coaches

Once you are part of our Youth Service, you will
work alongside a Youth Coach who will help you find
the best option for education, training or work-based learning that will help you build your skills and
find a job.

To get the best results you need to be open and honest
with your Youth Coach. They want to help 
you make good
decisions for your future and will meet with you regularly
to talk about how things 
are going. If you've got a problem
or something changes for you, you can talk to your Youth
about how best to deal with it. Their job is to help
you achieve your goals. 

You can work with your Youth Adviser as often as you
need to. It's your choice.


Not in work, education or training?

If you're a young person not in work, education or
training, a Youth Adviser will help you get the help and
support you need.

The kinds of things they will do with you are:

  • talk about where you are and where you want to be

  • figure out what might be stopping you succeeding
       at school, training or in work-based learning

  • sort out the steps you need to take to get into
       education, training or work-based learning

  • put together an action plan to reach your goals

  • help you get back to school or apply for training 

  • support you in school and training

  • check your progress and help you stay on track

  • update your plan when things change

  • be your go-to person.

Receiving Financial Support from
Work and Income?

If you're a young person receiving a Youth Payment
or Young Parent Payment from Work and Income,
a Youth Adviser will meet with you regularly to:

  • provide on-going support and guidance

  • help you into education and training

  • figure out what might be stopping you succeeding
       at school, training or work-based learning

  • make sure you are managing your money well,
       including helping you with budgeting and the use
       of your allowance and payment

  • make sure you are living somewhere reasonable
       and affordable

  • monitor your progress and help you stay on track

  • get you back on track if you are not meeting the
       requirements to receive your financial support

  • link you to other services you might need

If you have a child/children:

  • help you get them into early childhood education for
       the time you’re in school or training

  • help you enrol them at a Primary Health Organisation
       medical centre or doctor, and with a Well Child
       provider like Plunket.