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We have six tertiary campuses across the South Island of New Zealand.

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Youth Service - helping young people get into education, training or work-based learning.

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We nurture and promote values such as respect, honesty and integrity.

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Small class sizes mean we see you as an individual not just a number.

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The outdoors & adventure is incorporated into all of our training programmes.

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You'll get qualifications, practical skills and confidence to pursue your chosen career.

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Our tutors are passionate about their subject, love to teach and really know their stuff.

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    Most of our programmes involve assessment, enabling you to gain credits towards a nationally
    recognised qualification.

    Guidelines for Students 

    Before completing any assessment you should have a good understanding about what the New Zealand Qualification Framework is about and what qualifications and/or unit standard you are working towards.   

    It is also important to understand:

    • why you are doing a particular assessment & at what time and for how long it will
           take place

    • what you need to bring and what resources you will have available during the assessment

    • what you have to do to complete the assessment
          (including how many times and to what standard)

    • who will be present during the assessment and how the marking will be done

    • when you will get feedback after the assessment and what will happen if you don't
           get everything right

    • how you will be told about your results, how they will be recorded and reported, and who
           will see them

    Registration of Credits
    On completion of an assessment, your credits will be lodged with NZQA by the College. You may view
    your progress by accessing your Record of Achievement on the 
    NZQA website. Credits already achieved
    at other learning establishments will already be registered with NZQA and will be taken into consideration
    towards your qualification. There is no need to re-sit assessments already achieved.

    Reassessment Policy
    If you receive a 'need more evidence' or ‘not achieved’ decision for assessment tasks you will be given
    further opportunities to achieve the assessment. A maximum of two additional opportunities, as soon as
    practicable, will be offered. Where the task assessment has not proceeded due to other circumstances
    such as unsafe conditions, equipment failure, or preparation failure of the assessor, you will not be
    disadvantaged. Positive feedback and / or further opportunities for learning will be given to help you reach
    the standard required.

    Appeal Procedures
    If you are dissatisfied with an assessment decision please speak directly with the person who made the
    decision as soon as possible. This will usually be your tutor. If you cannot resolve the issue with your tutor
    then please speak to the College Manager.

    If this does not provide an acceptable resolution, then you may put an appeal in writing to the Chief Executive
    You may seek help from support staff to put your appeal in writing and you will also need to attach the assessment
    evidence to the letter. The Chief Executive will collaborate with the College Moderator, and where appropriate the
    National Moderator, to reach a decision.