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Loans and Allowances

StudyLink is responsible for administering Student Loans and
Student Allowances.  

Who is Eligible for a Student Loan?
If you're enrolled on one of our fee paying courses you might be eligible
for a Student Loan. Student Loans aren't available if you're enrolled on
our free Youth Courses and Job Connection Courses.

Talk to your Recruitment and Student Support Advisor to see if you're
eligible for a Student Allowance. You can also contact 
StudyLink directly
to discuss your situation on 0800 88 99 00.

Other Allowances
Talk to your Recruitment and Student Support Advisor about other
allowances you might be eligible for. Students on some non-fee-paying
courses may receive a travel allowance. There may be additional
assistance if you're registered with Work and Income.


When Do I Apply?
We encourage you to apply to StudyLink at least two weeks before your
course starts. If you're paying your fees via StudyLink, we will receive
updates about your application status. Please ensure that you sign your
contracts and required documents and return them to StudyLink as soon
as possible.


What is a Student Loan?
Student Loans can be used to help finance your studies and must be paid
back. They are made up of four separate parts including compulsory fees;
course-related costs; living costs and administration fee.

To get a Student Loan you have to be an NZ citizen or have been
granted permanent resident status. Student loans for borrowers living
in New Zealand for 183 or more consecutive days are interest free.  


What is a Student Allowance?
The purpose of a Student Allowance is to help you with your living
expenses while you study full time. They are for full-time students who are
on an approved course at a recognised institution and who are an NZ
citizen or permanent resident.  

The amount you receive depends on your age, previous usage of Student
Allowances, your living arrangements and possibly the income of your
parents or partner. You can get a Student Allowance if you're 18 years old
and over (although some 16 and 17 year olds may be eligible).